Amy Schumer counters at body-shamers with proof she's basically a Greek goddess

Prior to we begin, let's just mention the realities: comedian Amy Schumer is not someone who needs help shutting down obnoxious online body-shamers.


Just recently, she remedied giants who left insulting discuss a picture of herself in a swimwear, with a direct: "This is how I look. I rejoice. I believe I look strong and healthy and also like Miss Trunchbull from Matilda. Kisses!"


However, she likewise got some gorgeous support from a fan called Whitney.


Whitney, a 22-year-old psychology significant from the US, published an Instagram picture proving that, regardless of today's crazy beauty requirements, Schumer is clearly a Greek goddess.


The pic functions the infamous partially nude picture of Schumer shot by Annie Leibowitz for the 2016 Pirelli Calendar published along with Greek artist Doidalsas' sculpture 'Crouching Aphrodite' from the year 3BC, highlighting the spectacular resemblance between the comedian and the legendary goddess.


" So numerous women and girls are shamed by the media and fashion business for not having a flat stomach and not being a size absolutely no. But look, the goddess of beauty is depicted here with stomach rolls and does not have a perfectly smooth, toned body," Whitney captioned the photo.


" I wish to remind everyone that they do not have to be a Victoria's Secret model to be a stunning goddess with a lovely body. Your body is okay, unsightly, or incorrect. Accept your inner goddess."


Schumer, like much of the internet, shared the wonderful picture, adding a sweet thank you keep in mind. Because the web is what it is, Whitney's since had to handle her own "onslaught of unfavorable and hateful remarks" since the post exploded. Awesomely, she's turned the hate into further fuel to promote her point about the way women's bodies are regularly objectified and discussed.


" I can't imagine the hell that individuals who are shamed for their bodies need to feel all the time on Instagram," she composed in a follow-up post.

" It's a disgusting pattern of hate and malice that only enhances my point on the significance of loving bodies and accepting bodies, no matter what they look like."

Ideally, someone some where’s hooking up a conference between the 2, because these guys signing up with forces would be like a troll-melting superhero duo. (Their 'Batsignal' would be the O'Nutters logo design, obviously.).





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