Actress blasts society's ageist approach to women's beauty

Charlize Theron might be one of the most sensational women at 40 but even she confesses to being a victim to society's ageist approach to women's beauty. In her interview with the May issue of the British GQ magazine, the South African superstar describes her struggle to be taken seriously in the notoriously ageist and sexist world of Hollywood.


" We reside in a society where women wilt and guys age like great wine. And, for a very long time, women accepted it. We were waiting for society to change, now we’re taking leadership." she said.


Adding that, "It would be a lie to say there is less concern for women as they grow older than there is for guys ... It feels there’s this unrealistic standard of exactly what a woman is supposed to appear like when she s over 40."


Charlize initially began as a model in South Africa prior to counting on an acting icon in the Unites States and confessed was rather a battle to prevent being typecast as the lovely female love interest.

"Jobs with real gravitas go to people that are physically best for them which s completion of the story. The number of roles are out there for the stunning, f *** ing, gown-wearing eight-foot design?" she discussed.

"When meaty roles come through, I’ve been in the room and lovely individuals get turned away first." she added.


Charlize is understood for her extraordinary movie roles but lately, she's used up hard functions consisting of acting the wicked queen in 'Snow white and the Huntsman' and 'Imperator Furiosa in the critically well-known movie 'Mad Max: Fury Road'.




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